Apple has a new patent, helping the iPhone to predict the time of running out of battery based on user habits

According to the recent patent filing, Apple  registered for a new patent. This technology will help determine when the iPhone will run out of battery. Reportedly, the patent was filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office and was approved earlier this week.

Illustrative photo (Source: Redmond Pie)
Illustrative photo (Source: Redmond Pie)

According to a report by  9to5Mac , the Cupertino-based giant has been patented a new system that can warn iPhone users about when their devices are expected to run out of battery. In other words, instead of supporting battery saving like most other iOS features, the new system is built to let users know how long their iPhone battery will last during the day, based on recent usage.

Currently, Apple users only get a notification that the battery is low when the device has about 20% battery remaining. So the new system will make notifications a lot more useful in terms of personalization. The company even gave an example, a user may have forgotten to charge their iPhone overnight and will get a notification right before they wake up the next morning.

For Mac users, a similar feature was available, macOS showed the user the estimated remaining battery life.

Illustrative image (Source: Appleinsider)
Illustrative image (Source: Appleinsider)

However, the patent details a more complex system, as it will also identify user behavior on different days of the week to tailor battery alarms to each day accordingly.

Furthermore, the system will also operate based on the user’s location, though, the company states that data will be processed and stored locally to protect user privacy.

Do you have expectations for the new battery exhaust warning system on the iPhone?

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