Fix blue screen error on Windows 10, computer user’s obsession with only 10 minutes

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

During a long time using Windows computers , surely many times you will encounter the case of a blue screen error, also known as a BSOD (short for Blue Screen of Death). This is probably the biggest obsession for Windows users because we feel completely helpless because we do not know how to fix it. However, this is not as difficult as you think and it is also very simple if you really recognize the error, and fix it quickly.

1. Cause of the blue screen error

The blue screen error is not only an obsession for Windows 10 users but also appears from Windows 7 and Windows 8. The most unpredictable of this error is that they appear from many different hardware causes. to software and also from applications and external peripherals. Makes the brothers feel helpless when they intend to check and fix the error. Below I will list a few of the main causes of this error.

  • Computer operates heavily for long periods of time resulting in overheating.
  • Hardware failure due to incompatibility.
  • Software error due to a conflict with the system.
  • Error with old drivers no longer working well with Windows.

In particular, you should pay more attention to Driver because this is the component that connects the hardware together to be able to control the most easily. And this is also the component that deeply interferes with the Windows system.

In addition, the resulting conflicting application is also rare because Windows has a mechanism to automatically Crash that application if a problem occurs. The exception is only 3rd party antivirus applications.

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

2. How to identify the blue screen error

Once your computer has encountered this error, a board with green text will appear with the words Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. After that, your computer will restart over and over again with the blue board with the text above. To correctly identify the error, you need to pay attention to the capital letters in the blue board as shown below. Pay close attention you will be able to check for errors and fix them quickly.

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

3. Instructions on how to identify and fix blue screen errors

Blue screen errors are very diverse with many different codes to be able to fix. However, I will not be able to list them all, but only list the most common types that you can refer to to repair your computer.

1. Blue screen error BAD POOL HEADER

For me, this is probably the most common blue screen error and most likely you will encounter the most. At the same time it is because this error is caused by many different sources. The most characteristic is the following reasons:

  • There is a problem with the anti-virus software on your computer.
  • Error due to corrupted Ram or uneven Bus Ram.
  • Error due to Driver has not been updated to the latest version or conflicts with each other.

To be able to fix the brothers, do the following:

Check antivirus software:

Please remove the antivirus software that is not good on the computer. At the same time, you also do not need to use too many anti-virus software because Windows Defender on your computer can still respond well. If you still want to reinstall, you should use copyrighted software to minimize the use of Crack.

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

Check the machine’s driver for errors

Step 1: There are 2 easiest ways for you to open the Driver installer on your computer and check them again.

Method 1: Right click on This PC and select Device Manager to open a window to check all drivers on your computer.

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

Method 2: Enter the following command in Windows search box devmgmt.msc . Select the output application, the Driver manager window is Device Manager will appear and you start to check.

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

Step 2: Check if any Driver shows a yellow exclamation mark or not, if not, try to guess or check each one in turn to find the Driver error. Right-click the Driver you want to check and select Update Driver Software, Disable, Uninstall (Update or temporarily disable or delete Driver) to check it.

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10


  • Make sure you have installed the genuine driver from the manufacturer.
  • Sometimes there are Drivers that match your computer components but still conflicts occur, try to replace components and try again.

2. Green screen error DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE

This is still an error related to drivers and computer peripherals. Unplug peripherals and restart the machine to see if the error persists. If that still happens, try the Windows Verifier tool to check and fix new drivers.

Step 1: Search for CMD on the Windows search bar on the Taskbar , then select Command Prompt .

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

Step 2: Enter the Verifier command and select Enter .

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

Step 3: You choose in the following order: Create Standard Settings> Next> Automatically select all drivers installed on this computer.

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

3. Blue screen error IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL

This is a Ram related error where applications or peripherals were trying to use the Ram but was not compatible and was denied the operation resulting in a blue screen error. The main causes of the error are:

  • Windows file system error.
  • Incompatibility of peripheral devices and hardware.
  • Error comes from a conflict of software
  • Error due to Driver has not been updated to the latest version or conflicts with each other.

Here, I have a few ways to fix the above error for you:

1. Check the system driver

How to check Windows system driver is the same as with the first error I instructed. You do as part 1 and check each Driver to see which Driver is the cause of the computer conflict.

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

2. Check Windows Update

Please check regularly for updated versions of the operating system on Windows 10. With updates there are versions that will give you the best experience. But there are also versions that do not bring the above good. So Windows will regularly add patches to the operating system, so please check for updates regularly.

Fix blue screen error on Windows 10

In addition, there are still many other errors that you can still fix with ways such as:

  • Virus Removal intensive with copyrighted software because many of these errors appear due to Viruses.
  • Using the way of defragmenting the hard drive available on Windows both helps to fix the blue screen error as well as your hard drive failure.
  • Delete unnecessary applications on Windows in case they cause conflicts.
  • If you use peripheral devices, you need to use specialized drivers from the manufacturers.

So I have brought a way to solve errors with the blue screen for you to simply use your computer. If you find the article useful, please give me a like and a share. Thank you very much for viewing the article.

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