The 5 biggest RAM misunderstandings that persist in the computer world are not telling you

The 5 biggest myths about Ram

In the world of computers that run as fast as a rocket all of the old technology can be obsolete and no longer true today. That still appears and becomes a lot of RAM misunderstandings that you often use to choose and use them. Today, in this article I will show you common misunderstandings about RAM on a computer.

1. Unequal RAM capacity cannot be combined

This is no longer true or even false for RAM devices using the new protocol later. You can completely use a 4 GB RAM stick with an 8 GB RAM stick to run Dual Channel (Dual Channel). In addition, you can also combine RAM sticks from different manufacturers or different RAM Bus (RAM Speed).

However, connecting many different components of RAM, or in other words, messing around with different types of RAM is completely not good. Because RAM only takes the minimum parameters to combine 2 RAM sticks into Dual Channel (Dual Channel). That wastes extra resources on your computer. Choose a consistent RAM to save costs and get the highest possible performance.

The 5 biggest myths about Ram

Uses the same RAM for best performance

RAM on the computer will usually be attached to the Model of the same company to be able to use compatibility and create harmony in a computer case. However, you can also use many types of RAM with many different parameters and brands to make the most of it. However, in order for the RAM to be more efficient during use, you need a motherboard with power efficiency and a Controller that matches the RAM parameters you have.

The 5 biggest myths about Ram

2. How much RAM is enough?

Depending on your needs and different types of computers, you will find the amount of RAM that best suits you. However, RAM is never enough with today’s technology. With many new software upgraded, new technology and many new operating systems coming out of Windows, RAM will have to increase.

Previously the laptop standard was 4GB of RAM, however, with increasingly heavy software and powerful chips coming in, the standard of RAM increased from 4GB to 8GB. So choose to upgrade if necessary RAM. If your 16GB of RAM at present is too redundant, in the future this might just be the standard amount of RAM for you to use applications and software only.

In addition, the amount of RAM you set up on your computer to launch applications can completely change for the better if you install more RAM.

The 5 biggest myths about Ram

3. RAM isn’t everything

RAM capacity is an important component to see if your computer is really powerful or not, but this is not all that RAM can offer. RAM bus, also known as the access speed of RAM is also a prerequisite factor to the ability of RAM to handle. RAM bus will usually be denoted by MHz with the following numbers: 1600 MHz, 2400 MHz, 3000 MHz, 3600 MHz …

However, the installation of the RAM Bus must match the motherboard (MainBoard) and the RAM modules together. If you have 2 RAM sticks running with 3600MHz Bus that your MainBoard can only use up to 2400MHz, your device may not be able to run or if running, they only use at speed 2400 MHz and the remainder will be completely useless. At the same time this also happens with the brothers installing 2 different RAM sticks together, they only support the lowest Bus.

The 5 biggest myths about Ram

4. Clean up RAM to speed up

This may be true for computers using 2GB of RAM or with older versions of Windows like Windows XP. If you own Windows 10 and 4GB of RAM, you absolutely do not need to worry about cleaning up RAM to speed up your computer. With the mechanism of Windows 10 when you run another application that has run out of RAM, the system will actively put a few apps into sleep mode to make enough room for other applications to launch.

In addition, RAM always has applications running in the background to maintain the system in perfect application. And if you delete RAM continuously, it will make the CPU constantly have to re-launch the background-consuming applications and slow down the computer even more.

The 5 biggest myths about Ram

5. Must use an even number of RAM sticks

It is true that if you use even amount of RAM will make your computer have faster performance and make use of Dual Channel more efficiently. However, this does not mean you can not use Single Channel or in other words only use one stick of RAM. If you do not have enough money, you can still invest 1 stick of RAM to use the computer and only about 10% weaker when you install dual channel on the computer only.

The 5 biggest myths about Ram

So, what other thoughts do you have about RAM after this article. If you find the article useful, please give me a like and a share. Thank you very much for watching the article.

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