Tip 3 tips to use Windows laptop is extremely cool but still many brothers do not know how to use it

Windows is one of the most popular computer operating systems in the world with a record number of users for a variety of tasks. At the same time, the usability and experience of Windows is not inferior to MacOS or other operating systems. However, there are still many brothers who do not know how to use all these features on Windows. So I will guide you to 3 tips to increase the experience on this extremely cool Windows Laptop.

1. ‘Shake’ on Windows

As the name implies, ‘shake’ on Windows is a pretty cool feature that allows you to quickly close unnecessary windows and keep the one you are currently using. You can see that you can close by selecting the minus sign on the 3 navigation keys of the window, but with a large amount of windows, it will take you quite a lot of time.

To use the ‘shake’ feature, you just need to use your mouse to hold the top bar of the window and shake left, right quickly about 1 or 2 times, the remaining windows will close down.

2. Quick appointment settings and notifications

Like phones in its quick notifications and convenient settings. Windows users who work a lot on the computer and rarely use the phone can still set up quick notifications so that your laptop is notified of upcoming events and you will no longer be able to miss any any more events.

To use this feature is also extremely simple, you select down the date and time in the Taskbar and a window pops up. You choose to add new events, enter event names and set the date and time for the device to notify you.

Note: The volume should be set to maximum to avoid missing important announcements.

3. The main Emoji toolkit

Just like with Apple for MacOS and iOS, Microsoft also created for its operating system an emoji that is extremely beautiful and convenient to use with many cute and beautiful characters. However, many people still do not know how to bring this Emoji toolkit to use in everyday messaging. Only with the Windows + key combination . You can use this Emoji set already. You can use it anywhere and any application, just select the item to message and call up the Emoji panel.

So I have given you 3 tips that you may not already know on the Laptop. If you find the article useful, please give me a like and a share. Thank you very much for watching the article.

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